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Remote Computer Inventory with PowerShell vNext, 2020 Edition

This is the successor to the first inventory script I put together in 2016 (https://www.signalwarrant.com/remote-computer-inventory-powershell/)  This version uses the Get-CIMInstance CMDlet to get all the information from the WMI classes as opposed to the WMI CMDlets. I have also added some additional information that I thought was relevant. If you can think of anything else that may be good to add let me know, or submit a Pull Request on Github.

My Github: https://github.com/signalwarrant/PowerShell


  1. Shyam M | | Reply

    I tried this script but it didn’t work for me, am i trying something different then, pls advise

  2. Srinivas Anand | | Reply

    Thank you very much for this wonderful code…
    This Script works great without errors, i found 1 feature missing,
    Right now it is extracting only C Drive
    It will be great, if it can extract More Number of Volumes and partition details and their properties like- FileSystem, Free Space in Percentage, Drive Letters, Fixed Disk/Removable Disk, if the drive space utilization is more than 80%, It can Mark the Cells in RED etc..

    I Modified your Script by adding a simple command
    Get-Volume .. it was completely shuffled and i got all the information about the disks,Volume, Passthrough, Fixed/Removable…. and more,, but i missed all of your Primary Parameters in the output.

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