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As of today (3/21/2017), my only other ongoing project is PCSCalculator.com.  If you’re not affiliated with the US Military then you probably don’t care.  That said, PCScalculator.com is an online Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Entitlement calculator for members of the US Military.  I began work on this project in 2011 as I was preparing for a PCS move.  The short of it is, I wanted to understand my monetary entitlements before I moved and I couldn’t find anything on the web that could give me anything close to an accurate estimate.

I put the logic and code behind the site together over a weekend.  In its initial form, it was a simple PHP based, flat file website that did all the math and spit out a number.  Today, it’s database driven and includes calculators for POV based moves, as well as mixed mode moves.  I’m currently working on a TLE calculator as well as a TDY calculator, more to follow on that.

Since its inception, I have maintained the site by updating the applicable entitlement rates on a yearly basis or whenever DFAS makes a change.