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How to view PowerShell Desired State Configuration Manager resource properties

Since my two previous Desired State Configuration Manager videos, I have gotten more than a few questions asking how to view a specific DSC resources properties. Unlike your typical PowerShell CMDlet, you can’t view properties of a DSC resource using Get-Member. To view DSC resource properties you have to use Get-DSCResource, take a watch and I’ll learn you how.


# NoGo
Get-Command -Module xPSDesiredStateConfiguration

# NoGo
xService | Get-Member

# Shows all DSC Resources currently installed in PS ModulePath
# Access PSModulepath 
# cd env:
# dir | Where-Object Name -eq PSModulePath

# Get all the DSC Resources in the xPSDesiredStateConfiguration Module
Get-DscResource -Module xPSDesiredStateConfiguration

# How to view the properties of DSC Resources
Get-DscResource -Name xService | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Properties


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