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Domain Controller Health script remotely (Powershell)

I use this script to run a few commands I find myself running on my DCs on a regular basis. I wanted a solution I could run from my client machine and output the results to a log file. Below is what I cam up with, it will run dcdiag, dcdiag /v, repadmin /showrepl or repadmin /replsummary depending on which you choose. It will output the results to c:\server_logs\dcname+date.log.

I have this setup to run as a scheduled task every couple days so all I have to do is take a look ot the log files.


$date = get-date -format M.d.yyyy

$server = Read-host "Server name"

# Path the where the logs will be stored
$logPath = "c:\server_logs\" + $server + "_" + $date + ".log"

# CMDs that can be ran as a part of this script
$dcdiag = {cmd.exe /c dcdiag}
$dcdiagverbose = {cmd.exe /c dcdiag /v}
$showrepl = {cmd.exe /c repadmin /showrepl}
$replsummary = {cmd.exe /c repadmin /replsummary}

# Error message displayed if an invalid entry is made
$errorMessage = "*** INVALID ENTRY ***"

# CMD Selection message
$selectionChoice = Write-Host -foregroundcolor Cyan "`n Choose from the following CMDs: `n" `
"1 = DCdiag `n 2 = DCdiag /v (Detailed information) `n 3 = RepAdmin /showrepl `n" `
"4 = RepAdmin /replsummary `n"`

# CMD input message
$cmdSelection = Read-Host "Which CMD"

# *** Start CMD Selection Code Block

$cmd = $cmdSelection

if(!($cmd)) {

Switch($cmd) {
	1 {$cmd = $dcdiag}
    2 {$cmd = $dcdiagverbose}
	3 {$cmd = $showrepl}
    4 {$cmd = $replsummary}
	default {
# *** Start CMD Selection Code Block

# Run the chosen command on the server
$command = $cmd
write-host -foregroundcolor yellow "Please wait... Running command"
$runCommand = Invoke-Command -Computername $server -ScriptBlock $command
$runCommand | out-file $logPath -append
write-host -foregroundcolor yellow "Script complete, logfile is located at $logPath"

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