Articles by David Hall

Basic and Advanced Filtering of PowerShell Objects using Where-Object

This is a very minimal introduction into filtering pipeline objects using Where-Object and comparison operators. This video will give you the syntax and a simple example. To unleash the full capabilities of comparison operators take a look at the help file.


PowerShell Quicktip #2: Filter-Left

A practical example of why you should filter as far left in your scripts as possible. It might matter.


PowerShell Basics: Sorting and Selecting Objects with Sort-Object and Select-Object



PowerShell Hash Tables and Calculated Properties Basics

This video is a basic overview of how to use hash tables and calculated properties to make PowerShell data more usable.


PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) How-To for Beginners (Pull Mode)

This script will accomplish 3 things; configure a pull server, create a basic configuration to be pulled by a target node, and create a Local Configuration Manager configuration for the target node. Execute the following code on the Pull Server:

Execute this code on the Target Node: